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Announcing our Series A funding from Sequoia!

July 21, 2021

We are really excited to share with you that Outplay has raised $7.3M in series A funding from Sequoia Capital. We last announced seed funding in March and we are thrilled to be raising the next round within a few months. And I am even more thrilled that we are partnering with the amazing folks at Sequoia once again.

The fact that Sequoia chose to invest in Outplay again within a few months is testament to the fact that the sales engagement space is evolving and dare I say, still in its infancy. 

The world of inbound sales has evolved rapidly over the last decade, but the outbound sales process today is still based on a decade old tools and processes. For decades, outbound sales teams have used high-volume tactics to drive revenue. But this approach is not scalable and your revenue eventually become a function of the size of your outbound sales team.

Outplay is solving exactly for that by building a scalable and predictable way of doing sales outreach. The platform ensures your sales reps are always talking to the right prospect at the right time with the right message and in the right channel. Add this intelligence to Outplay's multi-channel sequencing, and your sales team can start personalizing at scale in just a few hours.

Outplay has grown 4x in revenue since the seed funding and our team has grown 3x in size since. Our customer base now spans across more than 50 countries, and we are really thankful to them. I am amazed at the passion of each and very customer of ours, and that is what truly drives us here at Outplay to serve them better.

Ram and I have come a long way from being full time farmers to now being just weekend farmers - but we are still farmers at heart. Nourishing and seeing Outplay grow gives a similar satisfying feeling of seeing the farm flourish and witnessing a bountiful harvest!

As we continue building the future of sales engagement, we are hiring across levels, teams and countries - we are 50 people spread across 15 cities globally. We are building the future of sales engagement and we promise a fast paced and exciting culture!

Lax & Ram

Ram Papineni
Laxman Papineni